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I wonder how AsiansArt’s sentiments change in light of the current Ai Wei Wei exhibit @ Alcatraz.

asians art museum's samurai blog

Brought to our attention by ArtsJournal . . .

In his Sightings column in the Wall Street Journal on May 27 (“Have Our Cultural Stewards Abandoned One of Their Own?“), the Journal’s drama critic Terry Teachout notes that the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art is the only major museum in the United States to mount a protest of the imprisonment of internationally renowned artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government.

“What’s more, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are preparing to open exhibitions of Chinese art organized in cooperation with the Chinese government. To date, Mr. Ai’s plight has not led either institution to alter its plans,” notes Teachout.

After giving voice and consideration to several perspectives on the debate over what the Milwaukee museum should do, he continues:

It strikes me that instead of being “cautious”…

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Cymatics – Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 1 of 3)

Red Bull Music Academy Newsletter
RBMA Newsletter

What Difference Does It Make?
A Film About Making Music

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Red Bull Music Academy has teamed up with award-winning director Ralf Schmerberg to create a full-length feature film. Entitled What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music, the film features Brian Eno, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Richie Hawtin, James Murphy and many more talking about the ups and downs of a life devoted to music. What Difference premieres in movie theatres across the globe on February 17. A day later, it will be available to view for free via Check the trailer by clicking here.


theLIFT & KCRW present

GILLES PETERSON (Worldwide /BBC Radio 6 /Brownswood -UK)



JONATHAN RUDNICK (Giant Step co-founder / Noise Pop Culture Club / Flavorpill)

I saw this intriguing game on a WSJ Live segment – Best Games of 2012.

A post by the illustrator and 3d artist highlighting the development process from mock to rendered.


Definitely looking for Pid and Unfinished Swan now…

“Twentythree” (FW2012) by Covherlab

Inspired by Modernist architecture (and perhaps more specifically, Le Corbusier’s “Towards an Architecture”), Italian designer Marlo Grisolia presents this unique collection of looks, showcasing fine tailoring and layered mixes of pattern, material, verticals, open cuts, “straps” and “pockets.”  Modern/eclectic, constrained yet free, resulting in a fresh, almost teched-out, tailored look for women.

Really dope.

so im writing this line and i come across a nice word in my brain – diacritic.

"a resource for thinkers and doers; designers and diacritics; a library-lab-lounge"

but i only used the word because it sounded nice, didn’t really know what it meant to use it in a sentence, other than my vague knowledge of it in academia.

diacritic, as a noun, usually associated with the realm of theory and literary criticism *1 *2, but i had no clue what its official definition was –

A diacritical mark (pron.: /d.əˈkrɪtɨk/); is a glyph added to a letter, or basic glyph.

ancient Greek διά (dia, through)

κρίνω (krinein, to separate)

from the Greek διακριτικός (diakritikós, "distinguishing").

(wiki < is way harder to read than the above!)

Inline image 1

anyway, realizing it was something typographical [dope], and with the relationship of graphic design, linguistics, perception, cognition and communication… something creative can be done with the word itself.

soI wondered if there was a magazine called "diacritic".
and fuckit, there was. and from the looks of it, still being borne.

Inline image 2


but maybe other things to do with the word. it’s not bad.


Camera Cinemas presents a 25th Anniversary film retrospective of Studio Ghibli, the famed studio of the great director, Hayao Miyazaki…

However, this is also interesting:

GKIDS is a distributor of award-winning filmed entertainment specializing in animation for both adult and family audiences. The company has scored three Best Animated Feature Oscar® nominations in the past three years, with The Secret of Kells in 2010 and both A Cat in Paris and Chico & Rita in 2012 – marking the first time an independent distributor has had two simultaneous nominations in the category. GKIDS also handles North American theatrical distribution for Oscar® winner Hayao Miyazaki’s famed Studio Ghibli library of films, and is longtime producer of the New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival, an Oscar®-qualifying event and North America’s largest festival of film for children and teens. Go to 

I’m going to surprise The Lady with this one.

He speaks with such conviction. It is heartfelt. But strongest of all was a sense that he was damning society for allowing such beauty to disappear unnoticed, uncalled for, unusable. Such an Archive should be a playground for human spirit, another intellectual, humanist landmark to visit on the ride across the country; and not an unopened, empty room.

Perhaps he is goading, guilting us; He indicts us for letting this beautiful collection die.
Soft-souled sentimental, it is an appeal of despair and love – which is fitting, two sides to the sleeve.

An EP titled “APPEAL” with a-side “Despair” and b-side “Love”.


MARCH 19th, 2011
Show Runs March 19th to April 10th.
Book signing from 7:30-8:30pm.

RSVP : Marc_McKee_Opening Artist bio: In 1989 Marc McKee started creating skateboard graphics for World Industries and many of its subsidiaries, like Blind, 101, Menace, A-Team and Almost. Spearheaded by McKee, this era is considered the golden age of skateboard art, touting funny and offensive graphics that were hugely popular then and remain so today. McKee was also the editor of Big Brother Magazine during its first four years and later worked on the Blunt Snowboard Magazine, before selling both to Larry Flynt Publications. Today, McKee continues to make art for skateboard companies.

Book info: The Art of Marc McKee marks the first installment of the Seen Unknown series edited by Winston Tseng, art director for Enjoi Skateboards. Tseng has worked with some of today’s most genre-defying visual artists and designers whose work extends well beyond skateboard culture. From sneaker and apparel design to product packaging, posters, high-profile ad campaigns, and fine art galleries, the work of Seen Unknown artists is often recognizable, though their creators’ names remain unknown—until now. With Seen Unknown, Tseng unifies the diverse range of work by some of his favorite artists, putting it all in once place for readers to enjoy.

Exhibit info: The exhibit will consist of a selection of McKee’s personal favorites from over 20 years of legendary skateboard artwork. From old classic decks to new limited edition prints to never-before-seen original drawings and paintings, McKee’s work is a must see for skateboarders and art enthusiasts alike.

Gallery Info: HVW8 Art + Design Gallery represents and facilitates the spirit and collaboration between art, music and design. In 1998 Tyler Gibney founded HVW8 in Montreal and in 2005 he and Addison Liu opened HVW8 in Los Angeles. With a focus in supporting avant-garde graphic design, it soon became the premier underground gallery in Los Angeles and over the past three years has featured artists such as Parra, Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons, Ed Templeton, Lance Mountain, Mos Def with Cognito, Charles Munka, Michael Leon and Alvaro Illizarbe.

Marc McKee Interview in Vice

More HVW8;