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The sound of the soul; music in all its forms

Autechre 'L-event' EP Stream Hack Website Warp

Autechre, L-event track list:

1. “tac Lacora”
2. “M39 Diffain”
3. “Osla for n”
4. “newbound”

via SPIN Autechre’s Beat-Brutalizing ‘L-event’ EP Stream Will Warp Your Website

Karriem Riggins and Stones Throw just posted his chopped take on the classic Ohio Players track, “Funky Worm” sampled profusely by many of the classic productions in hip hop.

Click on all to see the evolution/progression, and the creation of timelessness…


via KR – Chopped Worm – RIP Sugarfoot | Stones Throw Records

Primo touchingly puts together this tribute mix to the late great Malcolm McLaren (


Malcolm McLaren – It Was A New York Phenomenon
Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK
Malcolm McLaren – Zulu Nation Party Interview
The World Famous Supreme Team Show – World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) #1
World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals
World Famous Supreme Team – World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) #2
World Famous Supreme Team – World’s Famous
World Famous Supreme Team – Do Ya Like Scratchin’? (Feat. Malcolm McLaren)
Malcolm McLaren – Let It Flow (Do Ya Like Scratchin’?) (Feat. KRS-One)
Malcolm McLaren – Seeing Bow Wow Wow Show (Live)
Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy
Malcolm McLaren – 42nd Street
World Famous Supreme Team – She’s Looking Like A Hobo
Art Of Noise – Beat Box (Original Version)
Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit)
Malcolm McLaren – El San Juanera
Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Yes – Leave It
Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
World Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ
Malcolm McLaren – Shout Out (Feat. Burn One & Forrest Gump)

Summary, from

Premier’s tribute splices soundclips of McLaren stumbling up Hip Hop in the early 80’s because “a big black guy”” was wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt so McLaren struck up a convo with him. That man turned out to be Afrika Bambattaa. The mix follows through the 80’s and his interactions with Hip Hop which is highlighted by McLaren’s relationship with the World Famous Supreme Team. The Supreme Team had a radio show in New York starting in 1979 and put out records with McLaren, the most famous being “Buffalo Gals.”  The Supreme Team were the first 5 Percenters in Hip Hop to get a record out. Personnally I teter between hoping the 5 Percenters liked McLaren because of his ability to Build and Destroy or perhaps they looked at him as embracing his devilish nature. Odds are it boils down to opportunity (which is an ability to build and destroy).

The mix then leads into Bow Wow Wow, a New Wave group that McLaren managed but refused to let talk to the press because be thought they were too stupid to articulate themeselves. There is a museum somewhere that displays some contracts McLaren had with rock bands.

A few profiles on a favorite vocalist of mine, Yukimi Nagano, and her latest project with high school chums Håkan Wirenstrand, Erik Bodin, and Fredrik Källgren Wallin, together known as Little Dragon.

Interview: Little Dragon: A Synth-pop Fairytale (Okayplayer) [text]

Interview: Little Dragon (KUBE 93/DJ Hyphen & J.Moore)

I agree on all counts: Machine Dreams was expertly crafted, completely ethereal and hypnotic.  The lowkey, relaxed, dreamy, and muted instrumental melodies are the perfect solace from big-noise, epic bangers.  The kind of tunes you play on a night ride home from a distant journey afar.

“A New” >>

Still, my favorite track of all time is Hird’s “Keep You Kimi” (2005).


Aisha of Sanguine Soul (Saturday Nights on the infamous 87.9 Pirate Cat Radio), hosts the talented speak and vision of Baraka Noel aka Mumbles in support of his underground emcee and poet tour, Sky is Falling SFestival, presented with his fam, We Are the UnReal.

The tour has been going strong since 4/8/2010, ending 4/14/2010, and aims to give voice and vibe to the nascent call of community building, with emcees, poets, artists, and creative progressives as its foundation.


I juxtaposed Blackalicious’ Sky is Falling not only cause it shares a moniker with the festival, but because the spirit, voices, and creation story behind the fest stands in solidarity with those that survive and push to rebuild/recreate. Word, actualizing your heart’s passion into your daily grind, likens with the power of natural phenomena—it just needs incubation/collaboration/movement to be unleashed! Thus, inspiration for Sky is Falling SFestival loins from the souls’ thunder, quakes, from creation, collisions, and into what every local emcee needs to progress—community building.

Samuel Sax “Carlight”:

Dusty Rose “Mary Mean” @ Berkeley Slam:

I had the chance to go to the opening event, not knowing it was the opening of the festival, mainly to meet and chat with multimedia educator, arts documentarian, Slam coach, and champion haiku poet, Tazuo Yamaguchi, who performed backed by… a blues band!  Talk about juxtopoz.  But it worked beautifully considering Tazuo is one big soulful dude, especially with the vibe of the audience and the layout of the Blue Macaw venue (RIP 12 Galaxies).  Live painting, live music, live spit, it was just … live.

The Sky is Falling tour continues:

Apr 12 2010, 7:00P – brainWASH REMIXed (7th St/Folsom, San Francisco, CA)
Apr 13 2010, 8:00P – VIRACOCHA (21st St/Valencia St, San Francisco, CA)
Apr 14 2010, 9:00P – Stolen Time @ Heist Gallery (Geary/Leavenworth, San Francisco, CA)


It should be said that Viracocha is a new and promising boutique concept in the Mission, and from what I’m seeing, a must check.  So fitting on Valencia St., the collective-run Viracocha acts as a much needed multi-use space, purporting “a new kind of commerce.”

During the day, everything in the store is for sale: furniture, art,clothing, table settings, glassware, rugs, lamps, typewriters, new & used books, vintage magazines, records, umbrellas, assorted rarities & collectibles… everything! And at night… it transforms into a community space for literary, theatrical, and musical events.

Our goal is to create a place where art, of all mediums, can find advocacy; where contributors & patrons can gather, where creators & admirers (Buyers) can break that “Fourth Wall”, and begin to see each other as an evolving symbiotic relationship.

As a collective group of local artists & performers, our intention is to cultivate & spread the creative spirit that runs through the heart of our city and shapes the very way we interact with each other.

By focusing mainly on Vintage & Antique products, in fun, creative, and interactive ways, we hope to offer new perspective on Reused & Redesigned materials.

Gallery: Heist

Gallery Heist, run by Jillianne and Aoi (of S-I-R), is an upstart/startup gallery positioned right on the edge of Tendernob, on Geary/Leavenworth.  It’s opening show ‘Now or Never’ featured some of the street art world’s most notable names, including Mike Giant, Sylvia Ji, Adam Caldwell, David Young V, and C3, making for a respectable debut.

Gallery Heist Inaugural Catalogue

With a modern, young, dreamer vibe, Heist also departs from the traditional model of pure art space by placing installations culled from an international network as the venue for community events like film showings and open mics, encouraging the emergence of poets, designers, and creatives from the local Tenderloin and greater San Francisco areas, and building community and reputation as a destination for creative inspiration.

Heist opened up their Mic series with We Are the UnReal, so it’s fitting that the group returns for the closing of their tour.

Heist by Mike Giant, 2009

I am constantly amazed at how quickly the Bay moves (hah -oxymoron?) and how tightly things orbit around each other. Though when you zoom out on the map, the interrelations aren’t as surprising, considering that the people involved are in the same hoods, of the same cloth, and often hail from the same distant, abstract, virtual planets.  Small worlds yield dense and overlapping connections and the San Francisco Bay is nothing if not an example of a crazy venn-diagram of people and cultures, both reallife and web.

Just a few weeks before I got back onto a Monk One/NYCTrust tip (via a string of #SFNY, Props, HotWax FM, SOM, Wax Poetics references), it was actually our very own GrownKidsRadio that featured NYCTrust label head, E’s E (“easy,” get it?) on a special Edisode 19.

GKR Ep 19: E’s E NYCTrust Label featurestream+tracklistdownload

GrownKidsRadio, since its establishment in March 2009, has been an awesome antidote to music stagnation and the continuing regression of hip hop music. * Diggers at heart, they’re also tasteful selectas, taking cues from the edges of J.Rocc and Dam Funk to Anticon and LuckyMe, blending the basis of soulbeat to its current and future forms, from smooth to blippy, groovy to cut up n grimy.

*Well, that’s a little harsh – I’d liken it to simply “slow uptake” in the mainstream world (obviously a running debate).  In the current Okayplayer/G.O.O.D./StonesThrow/FoolsGold/PlugResearch world, it’s actually very hard to see hip hop as de-evolving – quite the opposite.  And with the the SF Bay’s Massive Selector, Pacific Standard Time, Distortion2Static, and now theBrooklynCircus, it’s also apparent that music lovers are maturing by embracing their boombap-roots and looking to refine both their personal style, curation, and production as well as the overall perception of soul, r&b, funk, and hip hop lifestyle.  GKR represents this desire to remain humble, playful, and honest by manifesting their trueskool Soulquarians as community educators and City fixie coffee drinkers, but also diving into space and rocking the cosmic sloppy, 8-bit blippy headknock that our brains have come to know so well.  They know how to keep it controlled.

Coming from the rich heritage at KUSF‘s Beatsauce (one of the longest running college hip hop stations on the West Coast, and now on – bigups to J-Boogie, Raw B, Wisdom), the fellas of GKR have YEARS of experience behind the mic and sound boards, in addition to their musical experience on the decks, pads, and drums.  Comprised of Sergio aka Brown Majik, Michael aka DJ Diversify, Eric aka EdaBoss, Spinnerty, Cyclyst, and PWest (since I don’t know their real names), this crew had been holding down regulars duties at EdaBoss/Egadz‘ Holy Thursdays @ UndergroundSF (bringing out heads like DevonWho?) and are currently at Eve Lounge, bringing their eclectic, future-forward fuzzy-soul to the happy hour SoMa set.

From the About page:

Being a kid is easy.  Being a Grown Kid is on some next level ish.

The Grown Kids are a rag tag crew of DJing, producing, beat making, bike riding, youth mentoring, in the cut laying individuals that are all making things happen in the ‘Sco on their own.  When they combine like Voltron, it’s curtains for any wanna-be’s.

Some must check episodes:

GKR EP07: ApSci (Live Set + Interview)

GKR EP13: DevonWho (Interview+Live Beat set)

GKR EP10: Kevin Fresh


The ExRay’s band, a project involving Diversify and the fka “Ray’s Basement” crew.

It must be said that Richie Hawtin as Plastikman has pushed the edge of sound+light+visual+interaction, who, since the early 2000’s has set precedents for and influenced the likes of NIN, Daft Punk, FischerspoonerAudion, and Nosaj Thing (and that’s just in the music realm).

Hawtin is the pre-eminent example of Avant-garde techno-sensory experience, and 2010 sees no less than a display of this future-forward ambition.  Collaborating (again) with visual designer Ali Demirel and architects Derivative in building upon the shows at Mutek 2004, Timewarp 2005-2007 and Contakt 2008, Plastikman Live combines stage lighting installation alongside a companion iPhone app, SYNK, which essentially allows audiences to synchronize with the event by reorganizing word samples (for projection on the lighting structure?), view the venue from Plastikman’s perspective, and see his real-time programming of drums and effects, “aiming to blur the lines of perception and participation” – all this while traversing the entire 18-year history of Hawtin’s material in a highly condensed format of only 1 hour!

Please visit the Plastikman website as there are no direct links and it really is worth browsing.  The media design/aesthetic is clean clean clean.  I LOVE full window image underlays.

Hawtin/Plastikman @ Mutek 2004:

Plastikman – Ask Yourself:

Plastikman at the JUST-passed Timewarp 2010 (GER):


“It has always fascinated me how sound, lighting visuals, and human interactivity define and deepen a concert experience.  By focusing on my own unique Plastikman sound I hope to find a new freedom and explore the extremes of where these elements converge, challenge our senses, stimulating our memories, and creating and experience of physical and mental intensity that can be only Plastikman.”   – Richie Hawtin, January 2010,

In anticipation of Plastikman’s 2010 appearance at Coachella (it has been 6 years since), URB tapped the minimal techno legend to drop a mix of tracks covering a decades worth of his Detroit-Berlin minimal tech.  Mixing duties by M_NUS Recordings’ JPLS.

URB: Plastikman Mixed by JPLS


Plastikman (main website)

Derivative Inc and its explanation of Plastikman’s integration of their visual tools at MUTEK2004

TouchDesigner, Derivative’s crazy ass interactive 3d visual authoring tool

Timewarp Festival (Mannheim GER), annual festival in Mannheim integrating audio-visual technologies

MUTEK, annual gathering in Montreal, showcasing emerging forms of electronic music and the latest trends in sound creation.  Podcast


“Making Contakt”, 90-min documentary of M_NUS’ 2008 Contakt tour, a celebration of its 10 year anniversary

Press Release & Interview with Ali Demirel (2008), focusing on his use of Kineme Quartz Composer software to generate the visual spectacle of Contakt

Mutek 2004 coverage by  Igloo Magazine of Mutek’s 5th Year as a forum for emerging music, sound and new technologies.

Mutek 2004 videos

FastnBulbous List of reviewed Avant-garde Techno, Industrial, Bass

With impeccable timing,  Mr. Freddy Anzures passed me a flyer for his and Marky‘s upcoming Hot Wax FM event… featuring Monk One!  Fitting guest DJ for the brick n mortar cave we’ve come to know and loathe.  To reiterate just how important the archivist work of Monk One is, please visit the NYCtrust (Names You Can Trust – clever!), the record label where Monk not only produces/curates music, but collects and blasts radio shows featuring such greats as the Mizell Brothers, Quantic, and the WBAI Underground Railroad.   Get on that podcast!

And to add even more boombap excitement to that weekend, SOM just announced a night featuring both Monk One AND the famed Exile!  Talk about bi-coastal revolutions.  I would give my introductions, but they do it nice enough on their blog.

Check out Exile at DJ Dusk’s inaugural (beatmaker) Soundclash in 2008 @ Gabbeh, Los Angeles (coverage and DVD produced by Mochilla – bigups to B+ and Coleman!):

And speaking of bi-coastal, looks like SFNY2 is ready to launch in May…bigups to the East-West unity.


Celebrating their 5th anniversary (time really does fly), the PST crew has proven itself as one of the main proponents of soul music and its accompanying community vibe amidst San Francisco’s nightlife scene.  Consistently throwing a great party by featuring accomplished musical guests and drawing their loyal following no matter where it was held: Duplex, Levende Lounge, 330 Ritch, and now Eve Lounge, Sake1 and FranBoogie have produced an event that acts as a model for so many others.   Not to mention the consistently strong graphics and flyers (of which the above is just the latest wonderful example).  These men are HUSTLERS and almost every hip hop event gains a bit of legitimacy just from their association/collaboration.

Like Sake says, it’s rare that a weekly survives more than a few months.  So congratulations to the PST crew on 5 years of holding it down for soul music and positivity, and let’s hope there’s more in store for the midnight massives in the SFC…

Jun Seba aka Nujabes

Here, a letter from Shing02 announces even his own delayed knowledge of Seba’s death.

Just needed to shout that out.  Nujabes inspired a long tradition in indie hip hop that to this day lives on in the form of that laid back boombap jazzy analog production, soulful in origin, relaxed in mood, headnodic in dynamic.