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I wonder how AsiansArt’s sentiments change in light of the current Ai Wei Wei exhibit @ Alcatraz.

asians art museum's samurai blog

Brought to our attention by ArtsJournal . . .

In his Sightings column in the Wall Street Journal on May 27 (“Have Our Cultural Stewards Abandoned One of Their Own?“), the Journal’s drama critic Terry Teachout notes that the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art is the only major museum in the United States to mount a protest of the imprisonment of internationally renowned artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government.

“What’s more, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are preparing to open exhibitions of Chinese art organized in cooperation with the Chinese government. To date, Mr. Ai’s plight has not led either institution to alter its plans,” notes Teachout.

After giving voice and consideration to several perspectives on the debate over what the Milwaukee museum should do, he continues:

It strikes me that instead of being “cautious”…

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  1. True! I don’t know why but after a while that site goes offline and I have to republish it before it’s visible again. I’ll have to go to the Umbraco forums with that. Come on

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