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so im writing this line and i come across a nice word in my brain – diacritic.

"a resource for thinkers and doers; designers and diacritics; a library-lab-lounge"

but i only used the word because it sounded nice, didn’t really know what it meant to use it in a sentence, other than my vague knowledge of it in academia.

diacritic, as a noun, usually associated with the realm of theory and literary criticism *1 *2, but i had no clue what its official definition was –

A diacritical mark (pron.: /d.əˈkrɪtɨk/); is a glyph added to a letter, or basic glyph.

ancient Greek διά (dia, through)

κρίνω (krinein, to separate)

from the Greek διακριτικός (diakritikós, "distinguishing").

(wiki < is way harder to read than the above!)

Inline image 1

anyway, realizing it was something typographical [dope], and with the relationship of graphic design, linguistics, perception, cognition and communication… something creative can be done with the word itself.

soI wondered if there was a magazine called "diacritic".
and fuckit, there was. and from the looks of it, still being borne.

Inline image 2


but maybe other things to do with the word. it’s not bad.



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