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(can you tell I like speaking engagements with expert scholars?)

Legit info here:

Expert speakers panel:
Amp Live,
hip-hop historian Jeff Chang (
Tim Jones of the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( (<< major addition, EFF is the #1 OG fighter for public IP rights)
entertainment lawyer Tony Berman ( (<< also very good viewpoint)
– moderated by ethnomusicologist Larisa Mann (aka DJ Ripley, (<< good)

The night will also feature live music performances by Amp Live (, the Zion I producer who was recently entangled in a legal battle over his bootlegged Radiohead remix work, The Polish Ambassador (, who has been called "the West Coast, more sophisticated version of Girl Talk", will present his new project, Ample Mammal, local favorite Kid Kameleon ( XLR8R, Surya Dub), prolific MC/DJ/Producer Joe Mousepad (, Rich DDT (LoveTechSF) and the eclectic Slayers Club DJ’s (, Daly City Records).

CC.jpg Thursday, September 23rd


w/ STEINSKI, AMP LIVE + Film Screening

Slayers Club and The Hub of the JCCSF present three events in one – a film screening, expert discussion panel and live musical performance

Steinski is Steve Stein, a Hip-Hop producer who achieved notoriety along with Doug DiFranco (Double Dee) in the early 1980’s for a series of sample-based collages known as the Lessons, which are still well-regarded today as early underground Hip-Hop classics. Although they never had a hit record, they proved highly influential for subsequent artists such as Coldcut, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and The Avalanches.

Copyright Criminals is a 2009 documentary film directed and produced by Benjamin Franzen and Kembrew McLeod examining the creative and the commercial value of sampling including the related debates over artistic expression, copyright law, and money.


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