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Live Performance by:

Emi Meyer
Zaion (Zaion Recordings)
Yoshi (Beatropolis)
MC Orukusaki
Eric Ackerman

Along with DJs:
Kento (Fresco)
Yusai (Mellow Orange)

Live Art by:
Aoi x Noa-

Shing02 is back in the Bay! The bilingual MC / producer Shing02, an icon of the underground hip-hop scene, is returning toSFwith lyrics sharp as the edge of a sword. Along with LA-based Jazz singer Emi Meyer, and world-wandering musical genius Zaion gracing the stage, Resident DJs / producers Yusai (Mellow Orange) and Kento (BRAZA!) will rock the floor with their groove. Accompanying the audio will be Live visual art preformedthroughout the nightby Aoi x Noa- in a dynamic mixture of paint and ink. Your ears and eyes can’t miss this rare jam session at the Rock-It Room in SF.

Shing02 Rap activist, peace advocate, inventor. Born in Tokyo 1975, raised in Tanzania, England, and Japan, Shing02 landed in SF Bay Area in ’89 after the quake at the age of 15. After a move to Berkeley for schooling in ’93 he became immersed in the local hiphop scene that launched dozens of acts worldwide. In ’96 Shing02’s music made its way back to Japan, then partnered with Mr. Higo of Mary Joy Recordings, garnering tremendous support in his homeland. He has collaborated with music stars such as Ghostface Killah, M.I.A., TOKiMONSTA, Nujabes, Ryuichi Sakamoto to name a few, and have achieved recognition beyond the scene for producing theme song of hip-hop influenced film ‘Samurai Champloo’.

Emi Meyer Born in Kyoto, Japan, Emi Meyer grew up in Seattle, Washington. Having studied jazz and classical piano since the age of six, Emi began her musical career at the keyboard.She self-produced her first album,Curious Creature, in 2007. Never afraid to experiment and take matters in her own hands, she is paving a path between Los Angeles and Tokyo and just finished a degree in Ethnomusicology. Her new Japanese albumPassportwas recorded with musicians in the US, Japan and Brazil. The next English album is set for release later this year.

Zaion Born in Toyama, Japan, Zaion lives in San Francisco. He was raised with a classical music background, then he gravitated towards creating hip hop. Zaion is an avid traveler, he aims to mesh cultural textures with lush musical landscapes with his main tool: the MPC2000XL. His long-awaited debut album "Nomadic Journals" was released in December 2009.

Genre of music: Hip Hop/Jazz/Brazilian/Downtempo

Emi Meyer
Yusai (Mellow Orange)

Kento (Fresco)
Yoshi (Beatropolis) Zaion (Zion Recordings)

Aoi Yamaguchi

w/ sir-sf

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