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Sweet Paul (Brooklyn, NY); prop, food, still life styling


Paul Lowe is a Norwegian-born, Brooklyn-based food and prop stylist who, as of Spring 2010, produces a whole magazine on recipes and craft creations (digital via, a subscription-based magazine portal/experience by Texterity). really awesome work overall, extremely detailed – you can really see the execution of a craft in his work. And he looks quite amiable :]

Represented by Vivian Artists, who has an interesting roster of Food, Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Manicure, Special Effects creators.

Found Paul from:

Lara Ferroni (Seattle, WA); food photographer, writer, recipe creator

minghini-000069.jpgimg-0016-3.jpg autoimport-3209.jpgautoimport-3124.jpg
(L-R, clockwise: Lemon Confection, Spaghetti in a squash [genius], Rhubarb bars [like sushi!], pulverized dried fruit [for macarons])

Lara Ferroni is a Seattle based food and still life photographer, who apparently only just consolidated her multiple blogs into one place (seems like Still Life With is the main one). Her blog is strong because it fosters an audience through offering photo challenges, tips & tricks (colored papers! ugly > good looking conversions! cocktail tips!), workshop classes, and always posting something new (with pictures), be it her garden or whatever she is into.

Furthermore, she built her own recipe database website: Gobbledybook, to make searching for recipes from her own cookbooks much easier. Quite industrious… she references though.

Cool post about Carrot Cake Macarons (the french sandwich cookie)

and I found Lara from

Lori Eanes (SF, CA); Food & People photographer

(who cites hype from Lara/SLW as a reference, and who popped up when I

from a craigslist posting)

(flash site, couldn’t grab images)

Lori is prodigious on the local magazine front, producing for SF, Oakland magazines. Also has a clever Project where she posits Barbie-like figurines in real situations/settings in SF. I like her PLAY work very much, and her EAT diptychs are creative.

Interesting stuff considering my renewed interest in close-up photography, juxtaposed images, and my various food experiments of late.


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