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Some Key Events:

1. Dream Come True (All Female showcase/workshop/battle) ft PANDORA & The SYRENZ
2. 1st Annual Harvey Milk Festival SF ft MEDEA SIRKAS
3. RemedySF 10 Year Anniversary ft KASKADE
4. Tribute to Marjory Smarth (Fundraiser/Showcase) ft SOUL SECTOR, SOULSHIFTERS, & FLO-ORGANICS

1. Agatron and Preying Mantas present DREAM COME TRUE


Dream Come True: All day femme-centric bgirl/popping/wacking/locking workshop/performances & battle. The Syrenz crew are all homegirls from LA, really dope crew of versatile dancers, some from Culture Shock LA and around the hip hop scene. and Pandora, the popper, is a old friend from the LA rave scene haha (bigups ABM, Homeland, LADNB). Coincidentally she is also one of the DOPEST female poppers on the West Coast, along with her crew Foreign Exchange! And we haven’t seen each other in years.

3. Remedy 10 Year Anniversary featuring KASKADE, Funktion 1, Spin & Slide


I just got a possible commission to shoot KASKADE, for Remedy’s 10 Year Anniversary! that shit is $40 a ticket and sold out! crazy timing.

4. Fundraiser for Dance pioneer Marjory Smarth


Celebrating and giving back to those who came before, broke ground, and influenced us is an important rite in the tradition of cultural preservation. In true form, we give thanks to one of our leading ladies of house and afro-cuban-urban dance, Marjory Smarth, and attempt to raise money and awareness following diagnosis of breast cancer. As a community, supporting each other, we may beat the odds.

Rich Medina, Proof, Soul Sector, Soulshifters, and Flo-ology fam in full representation, along with many other cultural creatives…

where to go, what to do?
what great dilemmas we have here in SF.


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