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in terms of post-processing, styling/props, and vintage stylistic recreation. based in Russia.

everything is retro intent, though they really try to reproduce the style of the major art periods of Nouveau, Deco, Pinup, etc. Obviously they are constantly experimenting, sometimes their texture overlays don’t work, sometimes the digital sharpness of the model contrasts, but sometimes they hit that shit on the head and produce this amazing image. look at some of their chairs, costume jewelry, walls!

they even get it down to their RA namestamps/watermarks, the aged discoloration, rounded/frayed edges, and the antique/vintage, paper/gilded/metal frames (which seem to be REAL frames, meaning they scan the physical printed image?)

some of these are really excellent images!



retroatelier_artnouveau_genre02_007.jpg retroatelier_artnouveau_portrait01_007.jpg





This one, however, was made using a true antiquarian technique: Ambrotype aka Collodion, which is the precursor to Daguerrotype, and their first non-digital experiment.


They even did their magic on Damo Suzuki, former vocalist for the German krautrock band, CAN.
one of my favorite bands, though I didn’t know any of them were Japanese….


Really great stuff. I obviously dug into this for a while…


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