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for NYers. CC for the interested.

I’m not even joking, you should check this shit out when it comes around, calendar it. you know how citylife is, ready to sweep you up wherever you are. for the party for the images for the vibe, because i think it will turn your sex up. at least a little. maybe there will be shady greasy old men too. but maybe also tigresses of women. [shrug] at least go for her art. is the "commercial" face, which is very strong. super clean interface on the site, great work.
but is her deviant smile > probably nsfw unless you have super cool ass workplace. this is her erotic photo work.

Justine Joli as her main muse would give you an idea. She used to be a Beauty at the burlesque venue The Box (nice site) before beginning work on an Off-Broadway production of Caligula Maximus. Nearly the first adult star to crossover into plays.

extra links:
check out her Nagel-throwback > newskool images, pretty awesome:


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