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Aisha of Sanguine Soul (Saturday Nights on the infamous 87.9 Pirate Cat Radio), hosts the talented speak and vision of Baraka Noel aka Mumbles in support of his underground emcee and poet tour, Sky is Falling SFestival, presented with his fam, We Are the UnReal.

The tour has been going strong since 4/8/2010, ending 4/14/2010, and aims to give voice and vibe to the nascent call of community building, with emcees, poets, artists, and creative progressives as its foundation.


I juxtaposed Blackalicious’ Sky is Falling not only cause it shares a moniker with the festival, but because the spirit, voices, and creation story behind the fest stands in solidarity with those that survive and push to rebuild/recreate. Word, actualizing your heart’s passion into your daily grind, likens with the power of natural phenomena—it just needs incubation/collaboration/movement to be unleashed! Thus, inspiration for Sky is Falling SFestival loins from the souls’ thunder, quakes, from creation, collisions, and into what every local emcee needs to progress—community building.

Samuel Sax “Carlight”:

Dusty Rose “Mary Mean” @ Berkeley Slam:

I had the chance to go to the opening event, not knowing it was the opening of the festival, mainly to meet and chat with multimedia educator, arts documentarian, Slam coach, and champion haiku poet, Tazuo Yamaguchi, who performed backed by… a blues band!  Talk about juxtopoz.  But it worked beautifully considering Tazuo is one big soulful dude, especially with the vibe of the audience and the layout of the Blue Macaw venue (RIP 12 Galaxies).  Live painting, live music, live spit, it was just … live.

The Sky is Falling tour continues:

Apr 12 2010, 7:00P – brainWASH REMIXed (7th St/Folsom, San Francisco, CA)
Apr 13 2010, 8:00P – VIRACOCHA (21st St/Valencia St, San Francisco, CA)
Apr 14 2010, 9:00P – Stolen Time @ Heist Gallery (Geary/Leavenworth, San Francisco, CA)


It should be said that Viracocha is a new and promising boutique concept in the Mission, and from what I’m seeing, a must check.  So fitting on Valencia St., the collective-run Viracocha acts as a much needed multi-use space, purporting “a new kind of commerce.”

During the day, everything in the store is for sale: furniture, art,clothing, table settings, glassware, rugs, lamps, typewriters, new & used books, vintage magazines, records, umbrellas, assorted rarities & collectibles… everything! And at night… it transforms into a community space for literary, theatrical, and musical events.

Our goal is to create a place where art, of all mediums, can find advocacy; where contributors & patrons can gather, where creators & admirers (Buyers) can break that “Fourth Wall”, and begin to see each other as an evolving symbiotic relationship.

As a collective group of local artists & performers, our intention is to cultivate & spread the creative spirit that runs through the heart of our city and shapes the very way we interact with each other.

By focusing mainly on Vintage & Antique products, in fun, creative, and interactive ways, we hope to offer new perspective on Reused & Redesigned materials.

Gallery: Heist

Gallery Heist, run by Jillianne and Aoi (of S-I-R), is an upstart/startup gallery positioned right on the edge of Tendernob, on Geary/Leavenworth.  It’s opening show ‘Now or Never’ featured some of the street art world’s most notable names, including Mike Giant, Sylvia Ji, Adam Caldwell, David Young V, and C3, making for a respectable debut.

Gallery Heist Inaugural Catalogue

With a modern, young, dreamer vibe, Heist also departs from the traditional model of pure art space by placing installations culled from an international network as the venue for community events like film showings and open mics, encouraging the emergence of poets, designers, and creatives from the local Tenderloin and greater San Francisco areas, and building community and reputation as a destination for creative inspiration.

Heist opened up their Mic series with We Are the UnReal, so it’s fitting that the group returns for the closing of their tour.

Heist by Mike Giant, 2009


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