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It must be said that Richie Hawtin as Plastikman has pushed the edge of sound+light+visual+interaction, who, since the early 2000’s has set precedents for and influenced the likes of NIN, Daft Punk, FischerspoonerAudion, and Nosaj Thing (and that’s just in the music realm).

Hawtin is the pre-eminent example of Avant-garde techno-sensory experience, and 2010 sees no less than a display of this future-forward ambition.  Collaborating (again) with visual designer Ali Demirel and architects Derivative in building upon the shows at Mutek 2004, Timewarp 2005-2007 and Contakt 2008, Plastikman Live combines stage lighting installation alongside a companion iPhone app, SYNK, which essentially allows audiences to synchronize with the event by reorganizing word samples (for projection on the lighting structure?), view the venue from Plastikman’s perspective, and see his real-time programming of drums and effects, “aiming to blur the lines of perception and participation” – all this while traversing the entire 18-year history of Hawtin’s material in a highly condensed format of only 1 hour!

Please visit the Plastikman website as there are no direct links and it really is worth browsing.  The media design/aesthetic is clean clean clean.  I LOVE full window image underlays.

Hawtin/Plastikman @ Mutek 2004:

Plastikman – Ask Yourself:

Plastikman at the JUST-passed Timewarp 2010 (GER):


“It has always fascinated me how sound, lighting visuals, and human interactivity define and deepen a concert experience.  By focusing on my own unique Plastikman sound I hope to find a new freedom and explore the extremes of where these elements converge, challenge our senses, stimulating our memories, and creating and experience of physical and mental intensity that can be only Plastikman.”   – Richie Hawtin, January 2010,

In anticipation of Plastikman’s 2010 appearance at Coachella (it has been 6 years since), URB tapped the minimal techno legend to drop a mix of tracks covering a decades worth of his Detroit-Berlin minimal tech.  Mixing duties by M_NUS Recordings’ JPLS.

URB: Plastikman Mixed by JPLS


Plastikman (main website)

Derivative Inc and its explanation of Plastikman’s integration of their visual tools at MUTEK2004

TouchDesigner, Derivative’s crazy ass interactive 3d visual authoring tool

Timewarp Festival (Mannheim GER), annual festival in Mannheim integrating audio-visual technologies

MUTEK, annual gathering in Montreal, showcasing emerging forms of electronic music and the latest trends in sound creation.  Podcast


“Making Contakt”, 90-min documentary of M_NUS’ 2008 Contakt tour, a celebration of its 10 year anniversary

Press Release & Interview with Ali Demirel (2008), focusing on his use of Kineme Quartz Composer software to generate the visual spectacle of Contakt

Mutek 2004 coverage by  Igloo Magazine of Mutek’s 5th Year as a forum for emerging music, sound and new technologies.

Mutek 2004 videos

FastnBulbous List of reviewed Avant-garde Techno, Industrial, Bass


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