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With impeccable timing,  Mr. Freddy Anzures passed me a flyer for his and Marky‘s upcoming Hot Wax FM event… featuring Monk One!  Fitting guest DJ for the brick n mortar cave we’ve come to know and loathe.  To reiterate just how important the archivist work of Monk One is, please visit the NYCtrust (Names You Can Trust – clever!), the record label where Monk not only produces/curates music, but collects and blasts radio shows featuring such greats as the Mizell Brothers, Quantic, and the WBAI Underground Railroad.   Get on that podcast!

And to add even more boombap excitement to that weekend, SOM just announced a night featuring both Monk One AND the famed Exile!  Talk about bi-coastal revolutions.  I would give my introductions, but they do it nice enough on their blog.

Check out Exile at DJ Dusk’s inaugural (beatmaker) Soundclash in 2008 @ Gabbeh, Los Angeles (coverage and DVD produced by Mochilla – bigups to B+ and Coleman!):

And speaking of bi-coastal, looks like SFNY2 is ready to launch in May…bigups to the East-West unity.


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