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Monk One in his record heaven in NYC, 2009

First, Vinyl Voyeur Interview with Monk One (late 2009)

Monk gives a bit of history on his own rise to the craft of DJing, thoughts on artistry vs technicality in an accessibility-abundant age, and of course, the story of the early days of Wax Poetics, a story I’ve been wanting to hear for a while, yet never really dug into.

I remember writing Brian DiGenti (thinking I was going to get Andre, since he was the Editor on the masthead) in 2004 like a total n00b, asking things about how they started up, how to get up as a writer, how the process of freelance writing actually worked.  And he answered politely, albeit cautiously, disclosing that he was merely paranoid of people wanting to steal ideas and become competition.  True digger-as-entrepreneur mentality, come to think of it.  And yet I did want to start something of my own and knew of no other way than to hit those who I thought could advise me on how.  That was the season that I discovered, sought out, and met Jeff Chang (Solesides > Quannum) & Oliver Wang (Soul-sides); that was the season I began to discover my role as an historian of sorts.

And second, Monk One Futureshock DJ set @ APT, NYC (10/10/2009)

This was the Futureshock visit that saw Freddy, Proof, and King Most throw down with Monk One himself at his residency at APT, the day before their long awaited SFNY party featuring tastemakers Eleven and Amir (RIP Kon).  Here, Monk gets DOWN with the Phuturephantasmagoricalidopuspacenastylectricity, as Freddy describes:

And, shiiiiii, were there ever discoveries, son. My man Monk wasn’t makin’ any stops on the spaceship but pullin’ all of ‘em with a collide-o-scope of styles only Monk could connect. He got the concept down 100% and even went for extra credit…I mean, Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth”!!!??? Come on, now!!! He went there, y’all…we were just along for the ride…in a chrome space Cadillac!!!


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