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Man!  It took me a little bit but finally found this hard to come by physical package (not so hard, digitally).  Hell I didn’t even know it existed until last week.

THE 4-TRACK ERA COLLECTION (1990-1992) (Info page @
– This set is as deep as it comes, collecting Shadow’s earliest radio and megamixes from 1990-92 and 18 completely unreleased productions circa Endtroducing, original artwork, shirts, stickers, buttons, etc. limited to 200 copies.  After reading about it, I’m quite anxious to hear; Shadow was a big deal to me when I started digging (“Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” is like a manifesto, feel me? Not to mention Psyence Fiction).  Hearing some of his earliest work will definitely be interesting/throwback.


The 4-Track Era Volume 1: Best of the KMEL Mixes (1991)
The 4-Track Era Volume 2: Best of the Remixes and Megamixes (1990-1992)
The 4-Track Era Volume 3: Best of the Original Productions (1990-1992)
The 4-Track Era Bonus Disc KMEL Mix #4 (1991)

Source: Baran’s World (SWE. also a nice source for a lot of indiestuffs ie. new Animal Collective)

Review (Pitchfork)

– No, I don’t feel too bad about distributing this, since Vol 1 & 2 will be next to impossible to hear unless you find someone who has the physical set.. (does anyone have it?).  Close to being underground, this way, non?  Like the recent DWG issue of the Juice Crew EP (song history knowledge here).


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