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From reader Banana:

hey! any ideas on where to go tomorrow night? our group is about 50/50 guys/girls and we need a place that is hip hop but nothing too creative, more mainstream.. LOL.


Whatcha all doin… anyone I know?

My personal choices tend more towards smaller music devoted venues and slightly towards classy joints. To find good hip hop clubbin, it may be better to follow event groups, not the venues themselves. Here are some off the top of my head that fit the good ol clubbin model with a crowd that fits your/our upscale style..


Horizon/ Zen415
– Yukhong was a friend at UCLA. most of the heads know him, and now he runs an event group.

Poleng Lounge
Poleng is never a bad place to me. Great smaller place, great people, great vibe, often great music. Different area, that’s all. Less conducive to club hopping, but not impossible if you’re driving. Very diverse crowd, stylish but low key. Almost always my #1 recommendation because I have strong connection to the spirit and people there.

Milk Bar
No Vacancy party. Milk is a definite classic spot for hip hop heads, hyphy or ug style. chill, in the Haight.;No_Vacancy

Golden @ Laszlo
DJ Zita is one of the females holdin it down on the DJ front, consistent parties and following. Legit, and the Mission is where its really fun to hop around. It’s right around Beauty Bar, Medjool, 12 Galaxies, Brunos, which are all music/dance bars, Medjool being more for chillin and the rooftop would be AMAZING right now.;GOLDEN_-_DJ_Zita_Dmadness_-_3rd_Sat_Laszlo

Even though I prefer small spots, I never have a bad time at Temple because if I’m hella buzzin, I love wandering around multiple rooms. The people are dressed, and I feel like more bridge/tunnel/SJ cats come here than anywhere else. 3 rooms of music, hip hop basement room always crackin. Green Velvet is a MAJOR name in electronic music, and will be headlining the main room on 5/17. Get there early to avoid a crazy nuts line. 1100 MAX. that’s the shitty part about Temple Saturdays.

Fluid Lounge
Saturday is more of a mash, and in general, its still a fun place to be. Pretty people all over, eye candy all over, diverse crowd, stylish and glammy. Eventually music should never matter, its more of the vibe and company you keep. A little bit of that line mentality too, 1:1 ratio style. You know white people.

Newer spot that has its place in the scene between Harlot and Mr Smiths. Almost always hip hop, and that’s where a bunch of us met up when Chris L, Poe were in town.

Club 6
Solid street head hip hop and dancehall. 6th/Mission…

Otis Lounge
One of the hidden upscale spots in the city, very intimate, on Maiden Lane, which is one of the very ritzy shopping streets in Union Square. free entry, not fussy, stylish/tasteful clientele. Less club, more socializing. as in, a lounge.

Boss Lounge
Loungey spot on Harrison, down the street from Supper Club. Always a hip hop spot, but I’m not sure about entry details, you’d have to look around.

Element Lounge
on Geary. Asian mixed.

Vessel. Metro Area 5/17
It is one of the best new spots in the city. Location, decor, music selection. Some of the better DJs roll through here even though clientele is too full of themselves to know just how good they are. This Sat. has a legit headliner, Metro Area, who are legends in the West Coast dance music scene, but also in the global electronic. If you believe a party is made by the party this one is probably one of the better ones of this weekend.

Hip hop heads will be here:

Z-Trip @ Mighty.;Z-TRIP_at_MIGHTY

RANDOM PARTY STYLE to meet new people and get fucked up at

Sister Sledge and DFA in the house. New school disco glam clash.;Paradise_All_Night_Disco_Party

John Acquaviva @ Supper Club //
electro king, hardly ever spins in SF.

hope that helps. i just spent like an hour on this. you can always check


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