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First of all, Zion I & Grouch kick off their tour tonight at Slims.

Zion I & Grouch @ Slims 2006

>> Flavor Innovator

Spectacular design, Nam of FI has really caught my attention, insofar as graphics in a nightlife world are attention worthy. Even in our transient rituals of discarding gloss papers and backseating the rest, FI’s pieces tend to stay on the passenger seat or the desk for reference and reminder, thus effecting some credit and success for the events they market. Strongly graf influenced, the work is often reverential, clean, with a hint of [cue Gregorian choir hitting a high C]; further, the elements of paint splat and drip support the main images and type with a fresh and finite finish.



>> Bboy Hodown (Houston, TX)

With site work done by Robot Agency, I hope this event’s execution is up to par to its concept and planning.

Straightforward and structured, BBHD is well organized because it:
1. Pays attention to a comprehensive foundation (Kool Herc, Cope2, Otrip, Jr. Boogaloo, Freshest Kids, Soul Sector) while looking ahead to new forms (Gamblerz, Saul Williams/Slam Poetry, Adam Mansbach)
2. The judges represent a bit more of a global view (FR, Can., Den.), with KR and Bay Area performing
3. Provides fairly diverse media of dialogue that isn’t often brought cohesively in one event (panel discussion, dance and graf battles, film screening, poetry slam, club event), with the non battle events in one day in subsequent timeslots. Plus, the panel includes what seems like a varied cast (incl. DJ/Historian/Pioneer and published writers, hopefully some of the older dancers as well). Discussions are more common these days and that’s a damn good thing.
4. Has good sponsorship (from the bboy set as well as Beat Riders) and importantly, a proper website/jump off.
5. Recognition for House as a prize battle style!


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