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While looking for information on the 2007 Puma x Marcel Wanders collabo, I came across these oddly interesting looks:


For all things design, branding, advertising, arts, and fashion, both for news and community (portfolio hosting). DT even outlines Puma’s primary and secondary campaign objectives a detail which, while not impossible to have due to press disclosure, is still appreciated.

D&AD Global Awards 2007

There are number of reputed ‘epitome’ organizations/publications and awards/annual reviews and sometimes I don’t know one from the other. However, UK collective D&AD’s breakdown into 3D; Ambient; Print & Editorial; Broadcast; Integrated; Branding; Direct; and Digital, coupled with the fundamental award criteria of
1) original and innovative idea;
2) execution of craft; and 3) relevance to context,
as well as their 2 Billion Pound non-profit investments, make it all a bit more interesting and credible. Further, their 2006 Pencil Winners are nothing short of spectacular. Plus, the Flash is nice.

Rspkt due to:

Cartlidge Levene

JWT Shanghai

Lowe London


Photo Plus Expo

Touted as the largest foto and design expo. NYC. [shrug]


Two sisters, both Cal grads, went and started a dress line out of their fam’s SoCal cottage, apparently ripping the NYC set with some flave.
NY Mag: “The Look: Dresses dripping with the sort of sophistication expected from Paris, not Pasadena.”

And not being the total Met that I’ve recently called me out as, I’m drawn more by the Bay/Socal connection, coupled with the designer-cum-entreprenuer phenomenon. Designers Perish Makin Dollahz! Plus, the sisters are taking part in a fashion industry panel discussion at AAU on Thursday (which I was googling to see if I could sneak in).
Catwalk drippings: 2006 2007


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