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I pretty much slept on letting people know about the recent Tarfest AF-TAR party held at A+D Museum (across from LACMA) in LA last weekend. Mark Rae (of Rae & Christian fame) was spinning out also, what a dope connect! I only just looked at the B/D mailer that publicized it, but after checking out Lee + Mundwiler online, I would have been interested in seeing their groundfloor ‘design.’ Curatorial things are always curious to me from a compositional point of view. Regardless, its no wonder that L+M won an AIA award for their ‘monster,’ the Coconut House.

>> Lee + Mundwiler

L+M Urban Beach House Urban Beach House

Yesterday I received a postcard from Juli staying in Taiwan. I suppose she was running around Bangkok looking for him-hers and she-males. She wrote saying that Thailand is the ‘champion of creative advertising,’ and that I would appreciate the creativity of the card despite missing the show. What a damn sweethaht.

Anyway, the postcard-flyer is for the latest volume in Bangkok Fashion Now & Tomorrow, a promotional magazine series produced by Bangkok Fashion City in the Ministry of Industry as the primary tool to bigup Bangkok as a player in the world fashion scene, leading up to their official Fashion Week. Initiated in August 2005, it has gained world attention.

The series has titles Scream (for high fashion), Street (for ready to wear), Spun (for textiles), Stone (for jewelry), and Skin (leather and footwear). I received the sixth and latest card, Speed, representing new talent and trends in fashion. 6 cards for the 6 main areas in their vision for fashion. Explanation here. In my opinion a well planned distribution to express their focus, coinciding with a visible growth illustrated by the time between Fashion Week 2005 to 2006.

The concept, mission, and aesthetic of the BFN&T book series is obviously top-notch. The production is highly detailed, culturally proud, and photographically aggressive, while the flash content is nothing less than intriguing. Game Recognize.

Bangkok Fashion City

>> Bangkok Fashion Now & Tomorrow


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