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I was googling for info on the Nelly Furtado cover of ‘Crazy’ (VT, you’re a goddess) and followed a lead on Cee-Lo’s The Heart Attack/Lovestink project with Plantlife’s Jack Splash (one of three left-coast, electronic-heavy, soul-funk-hip hop-derivative notables (sensations, if you’re enthused) of 2004/2005, which include Platinum Pied Pipers and Sa-Ra Creative Partners).

Meanwhile I’m searching for an old compilation by Nicola Conte featuring a surprisingly organic jazz-rinsed remix by Micatone (one of my favorite finds of the last year), and end up finding two other superb remixes by Tiefschwarz and Maurice Fulton. (Tiefschwarz gained notoriety with me when they remixed Kelis’ ‘Trick Me’ and ushered in the powerful and novel use of rhythmic (aka urbanized) female vocal with electro-prog sounding beats, seconded by Trentemoeller’s remix of Sharon Phillips’ ‘Want 2 Need 2’.)

Anyway, broken page on Pitchfork led me to track reviews, where Peter Macia writes like a mutherfucker with synth daggers in his back pocket, hallicinogenic machetes in his spit, and a scathing (and ultimately amusing) pity for emo-postpunk-jailbait the world over. Entertaining shit though:

“What ensues for the final two minutes is what Cobrasnake photos are made of: sweaty, blacked-out pogoing with boy-girls and girl-women wearing so many fucking pink bandanas you think you’ve died and gone to grit Valhalla.” cracks me up. Like I said, I’ve never gotten so hyped for dance-rock after reading a review, especially when I couldn’t tell whether it’s critical hubris decimated a track into its core hermaphroditic wrist limp or hid its disdain with the best fake praise this side of the AVN awards.

Instantly after finding the Lovestink track on slsk, I chatted with the source and he/she said he/she was feeling Switch (whom I’ve also noticed) and SebastiAn, who was coincidentally reviewed by Macia on that PF link above. This SebastiAn guy, on his Smoking Kills EP (“Produced by SebastiAn at home”, haha) is crazy. Hardcore electro style on ‘Dolami’. And so I copped ‘Ross Ross Ross’ as well. Of note are his remixes of Kelis’ ‘Bossy’ and Uffie, a barely legal girl from Miami who couldn’t sound any more like an American transplant in France, quoting Audio Two through a vocoder as if reading from Berenstein Bears. Luckily for us SebastiAn chops her vocals from an odd and perfectly (aka: oxymoronically) anunciated rap into a chunkily evolved tech-hoppish breakbeat loop.

[Aside: The problem with music blogs is that they often use free filesharing sites and these links either die or are complicated to get the actual file. So I got the Lovestink/Heart Attack tracks on slsk within 10 minutes. I’m sure if you searched the blogroll you’d find at least 30 others on the pop jock, linking to the same files or sites instead of hosting it themselves. Oh, like this entry, right?]

Interestingly enough, along with the Crazy cover, blogs also referenced ‘Maneater,’ either for the acoustic version also performed on the BBC Live Lounge show or for the contrast of new Nelly and old Nelly. After I took a listen to the studio version, I’m pretty keen on it. I found it immediately catchy, as catchy as Gnarls’ ‘Crazy,’ no joke, the chorus giving me that carefree head bob reminiscent of Pet Shop Boy’s London (the Westbam mix). It pulses the fem-power vein of ‘Hollaback Girl’ with the spunk of Lady Sovereign and MIA, like a soft, cuter version of Peaches and a near repeat of ‘My Hump.’ It has the makings of a FunkanometrySF anthem (if they’d only learn how to work a 4/4 beat that isn’t Daft Punk), even citing the enthral of a Bday declaration with the melodic sympathy of ‘I’m in Love with a Stripper.’ Or maybe I’m just excited to throw all these names into one description.

As I drown in its proclamation of that penultimate woman, I’m entirely reminded of the bgirl ‘Tsunami,’ whom I had a ‘run-in’ with down at Tokio (oddity: Tokio’s site music playing over the intro of SebastiAn’s ‘Dolami’ ain’t half bad.). I don’t see why upscale clubs like Roe in SF can’t throw down jams like this instead of tired ass late 90s club hits. At the very least, it would make me overlook their trainwrecks, $8 whiskeys, and Redwood sized Caucasians. I can only stay awake for so long during a Fat Man Scoop hype up, I swear.

Finally, after locating the most genuine of acoustic covers of Crazy by Ray Lamontagne, GvB again links me to Pitchfork (the dominating force in niche music blogging now) for an “exclusive” Teddybears remix ft Annie (because blogs as magazines have that clout), whose vocals sooth with the coolness of grapple soda (yee!) until it jacks a string of flaming chinese firecrackers stuffed with pop rocks into your inner ear (ok so I’m exaggerating, but you love the prospect).

I do like it best when a blog links to its own favorites and not just obligatory news. Hence the pleasant discovery of the softly distorted and introverted rock of Menomena. Has DJ Shadow been around here lately? Kidding. Coldplay then? Kidding again. But seriously I haven’t done this much blog-crawling since Winter when I dove in the developing incarnation of ‘mashup’ via Hollertronix, Diplo, Spankrock, Optimo, Lemon Jelly, and the White midwest’s fascination with Eurythmic’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ over David Banner’s ‘Play.’ Best digg of course was Three 6 Mafia’s ‘Stay Fly’ (cmon, track of the year!), whose intro > climax > fluorish, with faux choir, strings, and prodigious use of the vocal cut off made for a pleasing–if not reverent and hype–example of Southern krunk.

I’ll close out here. Final notes:

–Ed Banger is the new upstart label it seems, following in the good examples of Kompakt, Sonar Kollektiv, and even Stones Throw in having everything done in house with their own family of producers and vocalists. Like Kompakt, however, they’ll be relegated to a niche, namely the stuff that NYC/East Coast hipster cream seems made of.

–I was never an avid fan of Pitchfork but they have exceptional writers, at least, on the track reviews. Dombal (1 2) and Roque Strew to be exact (‘Futures’ really is one of the most sensually soothing downtempo tracks of 2006). Reminds me of a kid that worked with me at CPC. But of course, as a New London, Connecticut audiophile I met says of PF: “often the writers tend to really analyze the music, getting down to the most odd phrasing and word pairings that when you’ve gone and searched for the stuff, listened to it, it doesn’t even compare to the hype that these writers have meticulously curated for us readers.” Most important is that writers are still creative and not immune to engaging in imaginative semantic narcissism. Hey like what I did in this oversaturated imitation of a music blog. Enough links for you?

–After 2 hours and 15 songs tonight, I’m more satisfied than all the 2gigs over the weekend. This is what happens when a good digg session occcurs for me, regardless of its relevance to the world populace. In fact it very much could be a waste of time as it took me nearly as long to write this. I hope you’re happy.

Here’s the tracklist developed from this midnight sesh. dwblthnkradio in full effect.

Get files here: dwblthnkradio_091206_pt1 (1-8):

1. Nelly Furtado – Crazy (Live Lounge,BBC)

2. Micatone – Plastic Bags and Magazines (Tiefschwarz Remix)

3. nicola conte – Arabesque (Vocal version) (Micatone remix)

4. Micatone – Nomad (Maurice Fulton remix)

5. Sebastian – Dolami

6. Lovestink (Plantlife & Cee-Lo) – Gangsta Boogie

7. Nelly Furtado – Maneater

8. Depeche Mode – John The Revelator (Dave Is In The Disco Tiefschwarz Remix)

9. Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross

10. Justice – Waters Of Nazareth (Justice Remix)

Get files here: Pt 2 (11-18):

11. Teddybears ft Annie – Yours to Keep Remix

12. Filterfunk – SOS (message in the bottle) (Delano and Crockett remix)

13. New Order – Regret (Tocadisco Remix)

14. Menomena – E is Stable

15. The Heart Attack – Right Now

16. Ray Lamontagne – Crazy

17. Menomena – Shirt

18. Pet shop boys – Sodom (trentemoller remix)

Extra: Kelis – Bossy (SebastiAn Remix)


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