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Double unfortunately, I mistook the Olivier Desmet Therapy party to be on Friday, not Saturday, and so I hung around Shipley like a nut wondering why the discrete industrial facade wasn’t lit up and rumbling with bass. Good thing for Wish and RX.

Wish, as always, is a cozy spot amidst the cold, dark and sometimes bleak Folsom strip. DHP itself, to me, seems more dominated by a different class of househead, the type that socializes using the music as its background, whereas Luka’s, like pre-Ruby Remedy, is centered on soulful reverence. Deep tends more towards the middle. Stylistically, DHP music is more mid and high end, which also matches the tendencies of the crowd. Not so much superficial, just simply not as deep and raw in the primal sense of soul. More white, but also well travelled, professionally established, and personable. Very clean and stacatto, highball and stiletto. A jack & coke and conversation about the vampiric nature of New Yorkers to suck the great energy out of a visitor, and I was quite stimulated. “Here in SF, everyone is… moist. But over in NY, everyone is kind of… dry.” Which is ironic because “since the bars are open all night, they’re drinking all the time.”

RX Gallery did not showcase their artwork prominently at the Grounded Event; rather it was pretty much event style: lights off, bar open, visuals, open floor. they had interesting drinks: soju + peach + apple; sake + calpico. too bad it was cash-only. Upstairs there was a nice installation of four subs with attached water filled platforms, all maplewood, to show the Jurassic Park-style effect of sound energy on water. I immediately felt the mind-expansion of Trentemoeller, specifically a remix of Royksopp’s “What Else is There.” And I met a curious corset-sporting breaks girl. How keen, she liked how I dance. Which was a surprise, because my technique melts with Witch of the East despair.

I did manage to find the next Shipley event (which is in fact Love Affair Studio) for May, with M3 no less:

Four Four, score at the door; Two uh Three, plant the seed.


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