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Interview with Brendan Monroe (LA), courtesy of android8.

Since things are verring towards motion graphics and representing technology, a plug on this amazing CGI by Glassworks on Bjork’s ‘All is Full of Love’ video.

A8: How did you come up with the concept of your Sour sculptures?

BM: They come from a certain theme that exists in a lot of my work, which is to show the personality of natural things. The actual “Sour” comes from the idea of a fruit or a pod coming alive and creating havoc and trouble.

A8: What inspires you?

BM: Hmm…the outdoors, science, other people, life and my curiousity. As far as artists go: Friends With You, Tim Biskup, The Clayton Brothers, Takashi Murakami, Barry McGee, Claire Rojas, Thomas Cambell, Roy Lichtenstien, Edward Hopper. I like listening to a lot of old rocksteady reggae.

A8: What audience are you trying to reach with your art?

BM: I’m not sure. I think I’m still looking for my audience. I’m going to do my thing and hopefully some of the people who see it will like it. That’ll be my audience.

A8: Would you say a lot of your work reflects boyhood dreams/childhood fantasy?

BM: Yes, sometimes. I actually think if I do my work as instinctively as I can then that kind of thing is bound to come up.

A8: There’s definitely a dark side to your work. Where does this come from?

BM: There’s a darker part to everything and a lighter part to everything. I like trying to find some kind of quirky balance of the two.

A8: You’ve been releasing a lot of new stuff. Do you ever have trouble coming up with new ideas or new projects?

BM: I do and I don’t. I like spinning one idea off other ideas. One thing can always lead to another. Or I could just start from scratch too.

A8: What sets you apart from other artists who are trying to do similar stuff to yours?

BM: I’m not sure. I feel like my work might be able to fit in with some others but at the same time I really try to make it stand out enough to be recognized as my own. I don’t know if that makes sense.

A8: What’s the best part about being an artist? What’s the worst part?

BM: I don’t know if it’s that best or worst but one thing is, working for the most part alone. I get to do whatever I want, almost. I have very little distraction and I can accomplish a lot. Accomplishment is one of the best things. The feeling of being done with a show that has taken months and then actually pulling it off and having it look good. One bad thing is that I work alone. I get bored sometimes and lonely.

A8: Do you get images in your head or do you let the work sort of find its’ way by itself?

BM: Both. I do a lot of sketchbook drawing and some things come out of that. Or sometimes thing develop in my head.

A8: Do you have any big plans or projects for the future?

BM: Yes. I always want to go bigger and crazier. I won’t say what right now though.

A8: Thank you, Brendan. Best of luck with your toy!


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