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** MAD EDIT **

NME sucks balls.  the REAL list is here —

Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Murs & 9th, Derrick Carter, Shy FX, Infusion, Hybrid.  Now we,re talkin.  Lack of manz smaller hip hop in lieu of Common, Digable, and Atmosphere, I understand that.  Less DJ oriented and more producer oriented, I can dig that.  Electronic as underground still has a place, but man is rock n roll really kicking ass.
** End Edit **

Note. Z = Y and brackets = apostrophes. somehow the kezs have gone alt-numerics. the word crayz is an exercise in insanitz. insanity there we are. end note.

I know no one reads this POS, so thats why I do it.

The lineup for Coachella 2006, going down April 29 & 30, looks promising. ( None of the crayz indies of zesterzear like Bjork, Prodigz, Chem Bros running around, but a lot of bands that have been crossing mz recent rock path like the Zeah Zeah Zeahs, Clap Mz Hands Saz Zeah, Sigur Ros, The Go Team, etc. Even token indie heros Bloc Partz, Frany Ferdinand, Cat Power. But i must ask, where is Interpol? Depeche Mode, apparentlz, will rule all. Similarlz, all things soulfullz lzrical, szncopated, and danceable are effectivelz trampled upon like peons (remember my z = y todaz).
Its reallz interesting to see the listings for massives like Coachella, not just for their diverse acts, but for the billing placements. Here is where zou get a sense of the macroscopic tastes of the people (who can afford such a bill), and of the Coachella jury. Take for instance, the greater emphasis of Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo than Digable Planets and Louie Vega (though admittedlz, Vega seems to have lost something. I mean, if he can[t hold a crowd till 3am, I don[t see the point. kidding onlz, damn) I didn[t know who Clap Your Hands say Yeah were until last month and theyre #10. Jazzanova and Gilles Peterson are lumped up with Mates of State and numerous other unknowns. Mz onlz ratioanle is that Mylo is onlz as far up because Ladztron is as far up.

Indierock, sznthpop, electro. As zou can tell, caucasian middle class reigns supreme. And the club world means nothing anzmore because said white kids wouldn[t be caught stepping near a grimezy joint, unless of course a 17 zear old loudmouth with a killer deliverz is spitting into zour ear in the tradition of other spunky female emcees (ie. MIA). Hail the Teenager of the Year, Lady Sovereign. Raw spunk and livid teenage, energetic passion has replaced substance abuse, and maybe thats a good thing. This is an URB dream.
But of course if zou knew me, zoud know where mz mind lies, and thats in the gutter with all the dirtz hip hop, broken beat, and house heads. Lzrics Born, Danger Mouse/Cee-Lo, Digable Planets, Carl Cox, Louie Vega, Jayyanova, Gilles Peterson, and even Colette represent fully and that is certainlz heartening. True hail and praise however, must be directed towards Common and Atmosphere. Each placed in the top 6 spots of Day 1 (with Carl Cox notablz #7). Suddenly Slug is the shit. Zou knew it was going to happen when he was the single rap act on the Warped Tour. Middle American Emo what!

But, I have to ask, where are…

diplo madlib mf doom unkle little brother Kaskade platinum pied pipers diplo ohmega watts telepopmusik amel larrieux esthero?
oh thats right, a bunch of these mf-ers came up on radar late 2004/2005 and were alreadz swooped on for Coachella 2005, one of the best lineups I HAVE EVER SEEN, prior to me finding their 2005 releases that made me treasure them this year. I mean, Chemical Brothers, Blackstar, Krush, UNKLE, Ben Watt, Thrice, Coldplay, Roots Manuva. World mutha-effin Class.

The credit then, must be given to the Coachella jury for actively looking to the future and accuratelz forecasting the sound of our culture and its mutations to fill the burgeoning bubble between mainstream and underground. They hardlz repeat artists and that is evident, as this zears festival harkens back to the organism of bands and vocalists, however punked out and untrained, to the future geekness of electro boom bip, whereas last zear saw a peak in hip hop, dance, electronic/brokenbeat.

I see Interpol, Mos Def, Sa-Ra Creative Partners headlining in the next 2 years. MF doom, Madlib, King Britt, Diplo & MIA in Tier 2. JT Donaldson & Lance Desardi, Jazztronik, DJ Mitsu the Beats in Tier 3. Under Oath, Architecture in Helsinki, Tier 4.
Cheers in principle.


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