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I came across this incredible database (at one point hosted at Stanford) built by Piero Scaruffi while looking up a track on Rinocerose’s newest release on V2, “Schizophonia(/Schizophonic).” On the site is a deep deep collection of reviews, histories, and notable links on music, cinema, philosophy, science, politics and travel — basically his knowledge base of the humanities, with huge emphasis on rock/pop music and its many variants.
The extreme breadth of the coverage, focusing on anywhere 1951-2000 is astounding, but what really catches me is the oft unforgiving criticism of the music. Even on artists like DJ Krush, he’ll point out the faults with a passing disappointment that can only come from years of critical listening.

His crowning achievement may just be the publication of his book “The History of Rock:1951-2000”, which he posts up freely!

And while his basis is in rock music, he’s no stranger to electronic music, dipping into trip hop with definite earnest. He puts “Glory Box” by Portishead as the Best Trip Hop Album, with Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” at #5. Hip hop would just be too much for this guy to deal with. His ‘Best 100’ page is very nicely organized, also (Best by year, noting country of origin!)
There is a substantial amount of reading material here, and definitely some insightful perspectives to explore when relistening to some albums. No mercy.
This one is a find, for real.


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