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Deepak Chopra, the respected practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine — groundbreaking treatment for the mind and body that combines ancient Eastern wisdom with modern Western science — drops some knowledge on those of us hunting for consciousness and ways to perceive the inner workings of our intangible spirit, through scientific reasoning. Got quantum physics?

>> At Last Scientists are Discovering the Soul by Deepak Chopra [Courtesy of]

It (whatever the universe is and presents to you) is potential until we intend for it to be real. Actuality merely depends on the posing of the question aka the catalyst for decisions and actions to be made. Keep thinking that.
>> An Interview with Deepak Chopra [courtesy:]

Audiolink:Geometry for Artists, via M.C. Escher (widely known for geometric and illusion art lithography and woodcut, like the Moebius Twist, Ascending & Descending, and his masterpieces, Metamorphosis I,II, & III (shown below, click to enlarge).

“What is the goal of an artist, and what is the goal of a scientist?”

“The goal is the same; the goal will always be the same: infinity.”


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