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Sonotheque the site of Triple 5 Soul Sessions

With a description seemingly more geared towards investors and industry affiliates than the average web browser and clubgoer, T5S jumped on top of utilizing the new generation of Hollertronix, MIA, Spankrock, Madlib, Platinum Pied Pipers, and DJ Language to their retail advantage. It’s like they went student-textbook style through the back issues of URB magazine and highlighted, postnoted, and plagiarized the features and cover acts.

Fortunately, there’s really no academic dishonesty policy and ethics went out the door when people allowed David Banner to get mixed over Eurythmics, into DFA, into Nina Sky; so with a multi city tour, they spread out their unoriginal A&R and effectively brought extremely dope acts to the stage for scene-hungry, tired-of-the-same-old shitty-frat-house-hip-hop, still fond of frat-style binging, as well as paying 10x as much since we’ve just graduated university and have disposable income, metro-hipster 20s crowd.

T5Soul Sessions @ Sonotheque

Now, if they had brought ALL of those acts into one event, and brought it around some of the hot spots, that’s different. That is progressive; that is a statement of a scene heavily articulated by its sonic expression, given visual aide through its apparel. But of course, that kind of investment ain’t in the budget.

Beta Lounge Down for Synaesthesia Test Trials since 1996. Big ups.

Beta Lounge, an SF and Germany based online radio/store/music club/collective centered around genre-pushing tablists and dj extraordinaires, has posed one of the smartest ideas for revenue out there, a BMG style service called the Beat Lounge Record Club, where for $60/shipment, you’ll receive an assortment of nice retail CDs, mixes, 12″ singles, and even some interesting remixes. Def worth $60, but not for everyone.

Most impressive is their list of past visitors, ranging from local SF/Cali nightlife favorites (Migs, Future Primitive, Stones Throw, Dublab) dub heavy Boozoo Bazou, nuskool tablist producers DJ Krush and RJD2, techno god Carl Craig, downtempo stalwarts Mark Rae and Rainer Truby, beat maestros Rob Swift and PBWolf, experimental head Manitoba (now Caribou), househead Fred Everything, soulbrothers Spinna & Bobbito, broken beat knights Bugz in the Attic, and even the fuckin cosmic slopheads Sa-Ra Creative Partners.

Nuff rspkt; don’t Sleep!

Beats in Space, KNYU (Thursdays 2230-0200) featuring Diplo (101603)

And finally, a nice little radio show out of NYU called Beats in Space, particularly an old show featuring Diplo. If you noticed, I’m on a Diplo binge, eating up everything in the past three years (if you didn’t, well screw you for neglecting me, that’s why I’m here). The BIS DJ, Tim Sweeney, is also a DFA whore, citing three of their remixes in his Top 10 of 2005, as well as this mildly psychelic (read: lovely) gem, Lindstro’s “I Feel Space.”

Interestingly enough, the latter track is also jocked by fellow Diplo stalker Chris Hires, a photojournalism major who prides himself on throwing down the DFA remix of Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon,” same as me.

Here’s to the rejuvenation of $2/pint pub crawls where the token DJ mashes more stormers than a drunk toddler’s potty training in a discount Chinese counterfeit Gerber factory port-o-potty.


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