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Snappy the Transjanimal of the SF Bay Guardian surveys the oxymoronically upbeat SF lounge scene and namedrops a bunch of shexay sounding spots good enough for that deliciously erotic energy we’ve so come to love from a pretentiously cozy respite from mega club meat houses.

and Loft 11 ain’t all that. Somebody must’ve been drunk off their ass.

My picks of the new year so far: Impala, Pink, Wish, Mecca. Notably, Pink and Wish both have distinct musical accompaniment, with Pink having the most emphasis on house club energy. Leave it to Iz to keep that up. Did I mention how sick the Iz & Diz night @ Pink was? Best set of the past 6 months, usurping Kaskade & Marques Wyatt @ DNA (May), Migs & Farina @ Mighty, (Love Parade, September), and Iz & Diz @ Gingerbread Warehouse (July); all other sets of 2006 will now be compared to Diz’s.


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