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In two rounds of battle, two teams of five dancers handpicked from NorCal crews, with a sixth “preferably” (says Shelley Oto) from a SoCal group, will be charged with developing routines to the same music mix as well as straight circle battling! Judging is set at 75% Routine and 25% Battle, with an added all-or-nothing option to battle the judges in order to contest a loss, points benefits/losses as consequences. In addition, there will also be an opening series of style specific battles, the dancers chosen by onecypher members. Presents “Called Out” Choreography/Freestyle Dance Competition

Wicked setup, whose only point of annoyance is the self-proclaimed description of “groundbreaking” structure, which is lifted with little change from a previous event in 2005 that had global reach, focusing on some of the most notable bboy crews in the world, The Red Bull Beat Battle 2005, featuring Furious Styles (USA), Super Naturalz (CAN), Soul Mavericks (UK), Gamblerz (S.KOR), Spartanic Rockers (SWIZ), Break the Funk (ITA), Wanted (FRA), and the winning group Flying Steps (GER). Note the sick flash design.

However, this Called Out comp/battle should be more interesting because here in the Bay, we represent all styles to the fullest. Choreography and freestyle are no boundary for the innovation present in our dancers, as evidenced by the veteran (1st generation) groups Culture Shock, Full Force, Mindtricks, Soul Sector, Flo-ology, Machine Gone Funk, and Chain Reaction/NuOrigin, and the new generation of: Boogiemonstarz, Gen2, Newstyle Motherlode, Mind Over Matter, Khamai, B-sides, B-Syde, and Funkanometry, among others. Granted, international events like Juste Debout (FRA), and Battle of the Year, and regional events like Urban Momentum (Flavor Group, SF)are much more dynamic and crazier due to either scale, or constantly changing battle formats.

While the event will be produced by people in the Bay, it would be an understatement to think that such a competition/showcase is relevant only to the Bay Area. By forcing the some of the best and most experienced inviduals together, the spirit of experimentation and innovation will hopefully catalyze the entire West Coast and beyond, whether in active discussion over the 1on1 battles, the selection of the two main teams, the histories of the groups chosen from, or about the directions and revivals in dance and competition that this event may lead to. Check the Boogiezone and Nustudios boards if you don’t believe me.  This is exactly like the superhero teams we would make up as kids with our Marvel trading cards at the park benches.  Except, onecypher is actually performing a real experiment of it.  For fun, check Mindtricks’ power stats.
On a professional (branding) note: the concept is genius, as no US event has been produced with this inventiveness and creativity. By videographing the proceedings and capturing “confessionals” onecypher invokes the value of documentary/ reality footage in a media driven youth culture. But most importantly, by being the first to put the event on in a fast-growing domestic (and international) choreography scene (provided it is presented and hyped well), onecypher will likely and literally trademark the event by street credibility and create incredible demand/attention throughout California. With proper footage and content control/distribution, they might extend this internationally. However, true success and viral spread will come straight from the dopeness of the dancers.

With exposure worldwide via the web, and true feasability to expand the competition to other metropolitan areas — definitely LA, maybe Seattle, greater NY, AZ, depending on strength of studio crews — they stand to reap huge brand recognition. Competing concepts, statewide, will be Freestyle Session (SD), Bustagroove (SD), and Battlefest (SF) but they don’t have the encompassing touch points that onecypher is planning on implementing. In addition, membership to the site is required to vote, and even just to VIEW the competition details! Genius.  Red Bull was a little more sneaky by making the location secret and glamourizing the event with its exclusivity.
Mad props to onecypher for setting themselves to go down in California dance history. Could this be the time of the nuskool generation? Or simply a new event whose format is set to be copied a hundredfold? Either way, the Bay Area will be the torchbearer. I’m no master of style and unfortunately not in a crew so as to be ‘picked out,’ but I’ll be there and a part of the process goddamit! Competitions involving studio/choreography groups will not be the same, and its about goddamn time things got shaken up. And lets not talk about You Got Served, people..

Keep up, because the revolution will not be televised, brotha.


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  1. AMAZING IDEA, awesome article… i can only hope to be a fly on the wall for this event…


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