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David Banner confirmed for DJ Shadow’s 2006 Album

I know this is old (Nov.), but I had to put it up because its information straight from the horseface’s mouth. I remember ‘Whistle While you Twerk’ back in 1998-99 or so and being embarrassed to have a secret affinity for the Ying Yang Twins. Nice to hear Shadow’s passion for the off-beaten path, and interesting to hear his criticism of the tablism community. I always wondered the appeal of Banner, so I guess this sheds some light. “He represents the Dirty South’s Great Black Hope.” What a remark. Perhaps in the same way Mos Def was NYC’s shining knight of hip hop. And in the same fashion, the way Shadow was the pioneer of symphonic, hip hop instrumental.

So that sounds intriguing to say the least. Now if I can just find the Keak the Sneak collabo…

Link to the Memphis Flyer article

DJ Shadow cover story in Digizine, Fall 2005, where Shadow breaks down elements of the process behind his upcoming 2006 album.

Solesides Forever

Solesides was the original incarnation of Jeff Chang (of recent Can’t Stop Won’t Stop fame) and home to Shadow, Blackalicious, and Latyrx, before it had to fold, giving way to Quannum Records. Anyway, dude from Netherlands kept a presence on the web to document all things Solesides and Shadow after being inspired by Endtroducing, an passion not unlike many others out there, self included.

Eventually, his Solesides boards became so established that Quannum deferred to these forums for communication. Now and The Solesides Blog are here to stay. Big Ups.

Deeper still, pivotal to the history of and its BBS was the In/Flux mailing list, whose crowning achievement, aside from connecting discerning audiophiles from across the globe (monumental in any regard), was the In/Flux Mixoff, a grassroots-style sampling/remix project managed and produced pretty much for and by the In/Flux heads. Of notable mention of the former actives is Diplodicus (Mixoff 1), now known simply as Diplo.

That’s some shit right there. To me that’s monstrous. Especially because I’ve been feelin a lot of Diplo’s forward thinking work. Florida (Ninjatune) was seriously fresh. Check Diplo vs Shadow Megatroid Mix Promo from 2004, if you can find it.

And for good measure:



  1. big thanks for posting this article on solesides

    Joost /

  2. The reason for solesides success is because of the members that post on that site.. There are music producers, critics, and filmmakers that make that site credible. What’s dope is the dude that runs that site doesn’t have to pay those dudes that post. I’m a huge fan of that site. the dudes to watch on solesides are 1200x, DINO, Mr.Graham, Mr.Jonez, Klown, Cee3, Ondjiva.. those posters have turned me on to so much shit outside of music.. Unfortunately since the site has blown up, those dudes don’t post as much anymore. It’s still one of the best underground hip hop sites around…

  3. “WOOOOORRRRD !!!!!! Solesides reprezentin. Big ups & much love to Joost & the rest of the kids over at the board & all cats watchin then being turned onto some dope new shit. Thats what its all about even for us older members ! PEACE

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