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Bitch and Moan: a pro-fem mag in its first year, where each issue’s contents interface is so enticing its begs for Graffenburg clicks. Each month’s concepted themes are carried out with guts; there’s enough self-assured fuck-you mentality that you start to become masochistic enough to want a shejac in your face. Aesthetic is on point and some of the fotografie is nicest. Creative, witty, a little butch. I dig it very well.

Of special note is the Shejaculation How-To, which if you’re a little slow (read: prude) to figure out, you can define in their esoteric BAM dictionary. Don’t be a slagbag.

Opium, the oldest of this set, has established enough content to produce two books with a ton of contributors. Says a lot for an online-only lit-mag. Perhaps the most serious about its writing of the three, with honestly one of the best brand/names out there, it’ll never fail if it continues to produce pieces like this. They mark estimated reading times! About.

The Noyse Magazine, also an infant, whose myspace mission statement reads like a proclamation of disappointed yet steadfast faith in self-expression, grabbed me because of its interview with Ant, one half of my devirginizing underground hip hop kings, Atmosphere. A little sparse on content but visually well laid out. The hip hop flippin the bird image kills all.


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